200 Hand Crafted B2B Leads
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Your time is better spent talking to prospects, not researching them. Trust your outbound strategy to our B2B sales experts, not virtual assistants.
Your business won’t continue to grow by relying solely on inbound leads. You’re probably here because you’ve wasted too much time copy/pasting data, formatting excel files and manually guessing email addresses. Our experienced team has been building lead lists, for companies large and small, long before cold emailing became the #1 B2B sales tactic.

Hand Crafted B2B Leads

What To Expect From Us and The Team Here!
  • A very clear Ideal customer profile to create your ideal customer profile.
  • Please provide the following: Job Title, Industry/Market, Company Size, Location, and Search Keywords.
What We Need From You To Get Started!
  • 200 custom researched, highly-targeted leads
  • Built by sales experts not virtual assistants
  • Complimentary review of your outreach plan
  • Recommendations to increase reply rates
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this work exactly?
  • You tell us about your buyer profile with the following info: Industry, company size, job title, any unique characteristics or additional information. Our team of prospecting experts go to work for you, finding the right leads for your business. We then send you an easy to read file with all the data formatted so you can start sending initial outreach emails and generating inquiries.
  • Can I really send cold emails? Isn’t this SPAM?
  • Our team will work with you to provide a step by step approach for writing CAN-SPAM compliant cold emails. Billion dollar companies like Salesforce and Oracle send cold email every day to establish first contact with their prospects.
  • What type of business will this work for?
  • Cold email, from our experience, works best if you sell B2B products/services in categories like SaaS, Consulting, Coaching, Healthcare, HR, IT, Design, or Development. We research leads based on specific buyer personas, not personal information like age, sex or net worth. If you have any questions, just ask.
  • What is the actual deliverable that I will receive?
  • Name, title, company, email, company size, industry, personal LinkedIn url, website, company LinkedIn url, location, and company phone.
  • What if I don’t like the results?
  • Cancel anytime and if we don’t deliver what what promised, we’ll give you your money back.
  • How long does it take to get my leads?
  • The leads are delivered to you soon after we receive your specifications or speak to you about parameters and your target market.
  • Ok, I’ll give it a go. What’s next?
  • Once you select this service, we’ll send you a few questions to answer about your buyer persona, email campaign, and outreach plan. If we need more information we may send a request before getting started. You are hiring us because you want to save time, and if you’d like to have a call, we can set that up too. Bottom line – we’re flexible.